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Welcome to 'The Awen' - 'What's it all About' Page

In simple terms, 'The Awen' Magazine & Journal for Change, Transformation & Metamorphosis is exactly about that!  For example, change is at the heart of 'The Awen' content and as such you'll find articles, features and series covering just about everything and anything to do with personal and individual development and self awareness.  This content will range from writing on spiritual psychology, radical philosophy, exo-politics, new-economics through to new-science and deep-ecology.  Likewise, ‘The Awen’ will cover topics and subjects as diverse as esoteria, metaphysics, magic, myth, alchemy and bio-dynamics as well as global consciousness and intergalactic communication.

Each section of 'The Awen' is designed to challenge, transform and inform the reader through a process of self examination and self education.  After all, if you don't know about something how can you take action be it personal or community based?  ‘The Awen’ has at its soul the concept of oneness without division while embracing the illusion of duality and separateness.  Likewise, 'The Awen' has a several layer or multi-level approach to the content submissions it publishes, for example, it caters for the complete and total novice seeker wanting just a simple sound bite, snippet or taster right through to the expert, professional or academic wanting more knowledge, information and meat on the bone.

Equally, it covers more general but alternative topics, subjects, ideas and concepts for the middle ground reader and seeker as well as a feast of raw fleshless bone for the rebellious radical and pioneering spirit.  All in all, its content is potentially metamorphic in possibility giving the reader an opportunity to truly embrace their mind, body and spiritual evolution.  In some ways, it's a lot easier to say or talk about what 'The Awen' isn't about than it is to attempt to define, label or categorize this completely independent and unique publication.  After all, how do you box the un-boxable?  And so, here are a few things 'The Awen' isn't and will never be!

‘The Awen’ will never be; mainstream, easy listening or reading, fluffy, capitualitive, apologetic, boxy, corporate, square, boring, snooty or too posh to push, elitist, special or commercially viable, compliant, fool embracing or mind numbing.  Equally, here are a few other things that ‘The Awen’ will never be or aim to be; a coffee table read, a waiting room placebo, a bottom shelf enema or a magazine rack comfort read.  In fact, ‘The Awen’ will aim to be exactly the opposite to these ‘givens’ or ‘norms’ offering the reader and new subscriber something to not only think about and consider on the way to self actualisation but equally radical enough to solicit individual and global change on multiple levels.  In short,

‘The Awen’ will aim and endeavour
to be the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl.

However, the ‘comfort-zone’ trade off will be worth the absence of all of the accepted stable and conservative ways of seeing ourselves and our lives!  For example, ‘The Awen’ will open the reader to some of the most incredible change making, transformative, metamorphic, sharp toothed and biting ideas, concepts and innovations they are ever likely to encounter or imagine.  ‘The Awen’ is in essence, too risky to assess and as such is uninsurable in the mainstream flow of life.  Rather, it is the wild wind and raging river continuously reminding us that all life is energy and all energy is life.  Likewise, it will keep in sight the potential and possible reality that one person or a single individual is most commonly responsible for community or global change, transformation and metamorphosis.

Take a look at any major move forward and behind it you will find a single entity or agent of change who has inspired or moved others to group together around the naked flame of possibility.  Many who have gathered around such movers and shakers have been burnt, scolded or scared by the intensity of the fire as it has been fuelled by the very ones who have embraced the same.  However, none present to such change, transformation or metamorphosis have ever left the cold ashes unchanged by the purification of the light that had so warmed their minds, bodies and spirits.

In this sense, ‘The Awen’ is firmly built to stand on the bedrock of love shining outwards.  It is a veritable luminescence of radiance for those who seek a light to guide them home so that they may no longer perish on the ragged rock of lies, deceits and betrayals by those who have proclaimed a truth that was never theirs to do so.  Therefore, ‘The Awen’ will never knowingly perpetuate the same error being conceptualised in the ideology of personal responsibility, self determination and personal liberty.

It, thus, has no truth and seeks not to speak the truth, it has no way or path to which another must tread, follow or go.  Rather, it offers the reader, subscriber and witness something more through the journey of possibility and potential.  ‘The Awen’ respects, acknowledges and embraces each and every path, way and journey home.  However, it is unashamed in its offering of the gift of ‘true-will’ to each and every person who comes into contact with it.  In this sense,

'It is the road less travelled.'

‘The Awen’ will without apology pride itself on being part of the passionate process of growth of such change agents and visioneers and will in due course reward and embrace the same with support, assistance and mentoring through its work and projects.  To those Earth bound light workers and pioneers in waiting ‘The Awen’ makes a simple and humble promise.

‘It will keep being for as long as one
single other needs it to be so.’

To underwrite and expound this foundational and core philosophy within ‘The Awen’ we are only ever going to accept or solicit writing, content and submissions from those individuals who are ready and willing to stand on the edge of the abyss of often blindly accepted reason, truth, logic, proof and fact and take a single step forward into flight.  In simple terms, because of ‘The Awen’s’ visionary stand we know that its core readers, subscribers and writer’s will not be predominantly populated from the masses or 99.9% of current human being consciousness.  That said, ‘The Awen’ is open to all without agenda, condition or rootless agreement to the same.  ‘The Awen’ is, thus, founded on the maxim that all its needs are being met in perfect alignment with the whole universe.

And so, if you’re ready to fly, jump and spread your wings into full flight then ‘The Awen’ may just be the magazine and journal for change, transformation and metamorphosis you’ve been waiting for.  If it is, you’ll probably find yourself submitting content in next to no time as part of your own move forward into personal development and self illumination.  At the very least we can safely assert that when you’ve spent some time exploring ‘The Awen’ you’ll never see life or yourself in quite the same way ever again.  In this respect, ‘The Awen’s’ work will have been done...   ...enjoy the journey into the unknown and beyond.

'The Awen' is published in a 'FREE' downloadable pdf format and version as and when while 'The Digital Awen' a fully interactive 'flipping-fantastic' electronic magazine format and version will also be available later on in the year as will be a printed format and version using sustainable resources and environmentally friendly production processes.

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