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'The Digital Awen' New Year & Spring Front Cover For 2012

What’s it all About?

Well now, that’s a great question!

Well, ‘The Digital Awen’ Project is both a personal ‘Vision-Quest’ and a potential ‘Holy Grail’ of future publishing possibilities for ‘Phoenix Moon Media’ the ‘not-4-profit’ publishing project that currently publishes in pdf format the on-line and off-line versions of ‘The Awen’ magazine and journal.  Equally, it means that no trees will die or need to be replanted as a result of the ‘digital’ process which means that the planets finite environmental resources can be better managed by me as the project facilitator using ‘digitalisation’.  So, no pressure then!

And so, to do my best to answer the question, ‘what’s it all about’ I’ve made a short list of how I currently understand this new creative project, innovation and concept in ‘digital’ publishing.  So, here’s the breakdown list of what ‘The Digital Awen’ Project will be about and hopefully deliver as a digital off-line and on-line publication.
‘A Work in Progress’

1. ‘The Digital Awen’ will have video, sound and interactivity on each and every page ‘flipped’ or turned.  This content will always be original, inspirational and unique!
2.  ‘The Digital Awen’ will be created using Adobe Flash ™ driven software which will give this electronic magazine and journal a ‘page-flipping’ or ‘page-turning’ experience similar to that of turning the pages in real-time or like handling a real-world publication.  You’ll hear the sound of paper crumpling and rustling as well as seeing the shadow of light pass across the spine and pages as you move from section to section. 

3.  ‘The Digital Awen’ will be able to be viewed and used on-line or downloaded for off-line viewing and use.  The off-line version and format will be created in both a PC and Macintosh platform so that cross-platform usage can occur. 

4.  ‘The Digital Awen’ will be able to be read on portable or mobile apps such as Apple’s i-Phone ™ and i-Pad ™ to name a few, likewise, you’ll be able to share ‘The Digital Awen’ across many of the leading social networking sites such as Face book ™ and Twitter ™ as well as being able to embed ‘The Digital Awen’ into other electronic media such as blogs and websites.  You’ll also be able to link or send links in emails to ‘The Digital Awen’ so that others can share the experience with you.

5.  ‘The Digital Awen’ will be completely searchable similar to an ‘e-book’ and will have the capacity to be book-marked with notes.  Also, you’ll be able to print each section if you so desire although I will of course be urging you not to do so as I’d like you to remember that the saving trees concept behind ‘The Digital Awen’ Project is one of the core philosophies of the idea.  To this end I may choose to disable this facility as a ‘default’ setting unless otherwise asked for by a subscriber.  You’ll also be able to view each separate page as a thumbnail and navigate to that page or section by using the thumbnails tool.
6.  Included in the off-line and on-line versions of ‘The Digital Awen’ is a pdf download tool.  You’ll be able to use the download facility built into the software to download a ‘full’ colour pdf of that ‘digital’ edition removing the need for you to go back on-line if you’re viewing ‘The Digital Awen’ off-line on your computer or running it directly from a CD or DVD disk.  Likewise, if you’re on-line all you’ll do is click a button for the pdf download. 

7.  ‘The Digital Awen’ will have a contents and index section tool so that you can navigate directly to the page, pages or section you desire.  Equally, you’ll be able to archive ‘The Digital Awen’, thus, building up a complete year’s subscription or several years’ subscription for that matter all in one place.
8.  ‘The Digital Awen’ will have a full ‘zoom’ tool for close up reading and the ability to reduce the size of the viewed page or pages.  You’ll be able to do this within a settings system process to suit you or directly using a ‘magnifying’ glass tool or slider bar. 

9.  An extensive help system is also available as are the facilities to make notes and add these or ascribe these to a page, pages or sections.  ‘The Digital Awen’ can also be run as a slide show similar to a PowerPoint ™ presentation.  Finally, you’ll be able to turn on or off sounds so that your reading experience can be as quite as a mouse or as loud as a elephant powered publication. 

And so, the above ideas, concepts and innovations are what’s quested for and envisioned for ‘The Digital Awen’ Project in its completed version for 2012.  You may like to look at the software we'll be using to create 'The Digital Awen.'  Just click HERE to take a look.

Watch this space...

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